Commitment Statement


I am committed to working with individuals to strategically design the life they feel in their hearts.


I am committed to creating the space for deep listening, self-honoring, self respect and integrity– we mutually design a path that encourages and celebrates living your most unique self.
I am committed to honoring my client’s vision.
I am committed to collaborative design based on the gap between where you are and where your vision is.
I am committed to honest communication while creating a safe space for exploration.


I am committed to supporting a life of joy, courage and independence.
I am committed to a practice based on value, truth, joy and respect for all.


I am committed to both my personal creative space as well as the creative space of clients – opening new doors and honoring what shows itself for joyful expression in all life and business.


I am committed to financial health and prosperity for all.
I am committed to giving by design. I have chosen the following organizations to donate my energy and resources to;
Girls, Inc.
Autism Speaks
Love forward and always,