Finding Heart Blog

The Shadow of Fear

Most of my life I lived with fear…more honestly, I was ruled by it.  It didn’t always appear as a scary witch wearing a cloak.  Fear changed its color and shape in order to lure me in.  Usually I just reacted to it; Did what it told me, Ran from something or towards something, Drank […]

Creative Love

The beauty is in the process for me — the creating, the planning, the dreaming…sending “my new big thing” love and then watching it grow. It’s how I find me and lose me all at the same time. I love the heart pounding, brain racing, wake me in the middle of the night, pure pumped […]

With Arms Wide Open

With Arms Wide Open My heart once was much easier to read. I could hear it, feel it. It was me and I was it. We moved as one beat, one pulse. Like the rain falling into the ocean, we were born of the same joy. It was an easier time and life wasn’t so […]