The Shadow of Fear


Most of my life I lived with fear…more honestly, I was ruled by it.  It didn’t always appear as a scary witch wearing a cloak.  Fear changed its color and shape in order to lure me in.  Usually I just reacted to it;

Did what it told me,

Ran from something or

towards something,

Drank it, ate it, or

Broke-up with him.

Fear has more energy than most emotions – until you stop and face it…then it begins to back-peddle, diminish – you know – show it’s true colors…mostly screaming lies.

Don’t get me wrong, fear has some real things to say and listen to…it’s just the screaming crazy that takes away from what really needs looking at.
Learn to weed through hysteria and reality.

Take what you need from fear and then let it be.

Love forward and always,


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