With Arms Wide Open


With Arms Wide Open

My heart once was much easier to read. I could hear it, feel it. It was me and I was it. We moved as one beat, one pulse. Like the rain falling into the ocean, we were born of the same joy. It was an easier time and life wasn’t so loud back then. It was a time of trust and a belief in everything magical.

I had no idea how completely reliant we were upon each other, how pulse needed beat and the rain needed the ocean. But, I guess – you never know what you don’t know. I couldn’t see it coming. There would be betrayals and disconnect. Someone stepping on someone’s toes, the usual story of “You never listen to me.” Oh, and let’s not forget the ultimate “I know better than you” moments. Then of course, there’s the “Come on, why not? It’s easy and you’ll feel better!” times… Pulse is baffled, beat is so sure it knows better…backs turn. And soon, we’re walking away from the gentle music of home.

Separately, we can’t seem to find our place. Reaching for something to fix me, you, us. Fix the separation, the isolation. Remembering the warmth that once seemed so natural, but we don’t know how to get there anymore. Time takes time and sometimes we walk so far away it’s a struggle to hear the pulse.

Remembering to honor what I can’t see is my daily practice. Acknowledging what makes the whole beautiful thing come to life is my journey. I believe the not trusting the gift is what made it up and leave in the first place. Leaving me to work to find it and win it over. I will need to be true to it – and earn back the right to hear its wisdom.

This is work I am blessed to do and a path I rail against…

The truth is that the path becomes difficult sometimes. I tend to have an eye for shiny things, so I lose my footing, again and again. Yet, somewhere, something is always there patiently waiting. Smarter and way bigger than me. It always leaves the music playing just loud enough to hear in the distance. Close eyes, breathe deep and with open arms receive. It’s here in this place of receiving that the shift begins!

Ahhh yes, FLOW is experienced.

Receive the gift, share the gift, and live in the moment with arms wide open.

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